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Interactive Hebrew Learning


  • Video Lessons
  • Fun, Interactive Games
  • Vocabulary Guide
  • Flash Cards
  • Hebrew Audio
  • Worksheets
  • Phonetic Transliterations
  • Challenge Report (Lesson Skill Test)

What people are saying

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“This is one of the best Hebrew programs I’ve used. It appears that the creators really put effort and thought about the different ways someone’s mind works and how best to approach language learning from several angles: visually with the first-rate video lessons, interactively with the incredibly fun Study Buddy, and even for those of us who love memory games there are the flash cards to tickle that fancy! In short, incredibly enjoyable and effective!”

Nathan R.

“Hebrew Lessons is quite user friendly with a variety of learning options. The videos are not only easy to follow but introduce you to the land and people of Israel. Study Buddy is a wonderful tool, allowing the viewer to literally listen to a review of concepts while the games and flashcards engage the student more specifically. It is a great way to learn the language!”

Barbara U.

“I am excited to have a language course that I can use easily and really reinforces what I am studying! And it’s fun! I did not retain this much Hebrew in the regular Ulpan classes, so I’m excited that I can recall words and phrases after only a short time on the site! Thank you!”

Cindy W.

Progressive Learning

This engaging program will continuously challenge you and build your confidence to connect and communicate!

User Friendly

Take advantage of our fun and easy-to-use site featuring video lessons, games, flash cards, worksheets and more!

Easy to Understand

We sat where you are and asked ourselves what WE would want to see. Our comprehensive program uses multiple learning methods to suit your learning needs!